New Warning & Advice

8th October 2012

New Warning & Advice A member has called us advising us that she was approached by a debt collecting agency claiming several thousand pounds for an unpaid bill for an entry in the Business Directory. In this case she had not agreed to any entry, asked for a copy of the contract with her signature on and refuted the bill.

Two pieces of advice:

If anyone claims money for an unpaid advert/bill/contract ensure they can provide you with evidence that you actually entered into the contract. Usually your signature on a hard copy document, but it could also be an email from you.

Secondly be aware that there are numerous Directory type scams which offer 'free' adverts or listings but the small print may well commit you to a long term contract and at very high charges indeed. So sign nothing unless you are entirely happy with the contract and always read (and re-read!) the small print and keep the phrase 'there is no such thing as a free lunch' in the back of your mind.

If you are concerned about anything please contact Shropshire Tourism on 01743 261919 or email New warnings that we receive from our members will be posted on